Our Vision: That patients with Asthma, COPD and Respiratory Disease recieve the education and resources to improve their disease and improve quality of life.

The Asthma and COPD Education Center (ACEC) provides the Eager Breathers Group, an education and support group for adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Monthly meetings are held from September through April and consist of a speaker, lunch and networking. Topics include, but are not limited to, the physiology of the disease, categories of medicine and their proper delivery, pulmonary rehabilitation, adult vaccines, nutrition and oxygen therapy. The speakers are local medical professionals. Eager Breathers is facilitated by the Program Director, Sharon Borradori, AE-C, and are held in Bakersfield, California.

The ACEC will receive referrals from the local medical community and will provide one-on-one asthma and/or COPD education to those clients and their families. This service will be available to everyone in Kern County but will focus on the underserved populations and will be provided by the Program Director, Sharon Borradori or other qualified personnel (Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists or other trained individuals), AE-C. Education will be conducted at the ACEC office in Bakersfield, California, the home of the client or the referring agency’s facility in Kern County, California. The client will determine the dates and times.

A Family Asthma Workshop will be held each year in August to provide the tools necessary for children to start school with their asthma under control. Parents will receive instruction in maintaining asthma control through viral infections, effective communication with school personnel, tools required for self-administered medications and how to thrive in physical education. The Workshop will be held in Bakersfield, California and will be facilitated by the Program Director, Sharon Borradori, AE-C.


One county-wide Asthma Conference and one county-wide COPD conference will be held each year. The conferences will feature the leading medical experts in the field of asthma and COPD and will target medical office personnel, school personnel, employers, day care providers, senior centers, coaches and patients. The conferences will be held in Bakersfield, California with an emphasis on reaching people from all of Kern County. Speakers will include physicians, pharmacists and respiratory therapists. The conference will be implemented by the Program Director, Sharon Borradori, AE-C.

Our Mission: To provide education to patients and medical professionals in the area of lung disease in order to improve quality of life along with working to prevent respiratory diseases.

Statement: Managing Respiratory Disease improves life!

Upon request, the ACEC will provide speakers to local employers and schools to help reduce absenteeism related to asthma and COPD. Education will be provided at work or school sites throughout Kern County, California and will be facilitated by John Snobarger and/or Sharon Borradori.

An Asthma Day Camp for children ages 8 to 12 will be held one week each June at a local college in Bakersfield, California. The camp will teach children how to manage their asthma so they can be in control instead of letting asthma control them. Children will learn how to participate in physical activities while maintaining asthma control and they will learn how to self-administer their medications. The camp will be staffed with a volunteer registered nurse and respiratory therapist and will be managed by the Program Director, Sharon Borradori, AE-C.